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History of BEM

Web Design, Search Marketing and Technology Since 1996

Like most businesses, it began as a brilliant concept. The internet was still very new but entrepreneurs with vision realized that eventually most, if not all, businesses would be doing commerce online at some level and would not only need an online presence in order to stay alive but a marketing edge to stay abreast, if not ahead, of the competition.

Malinda Pengelly - one of those entrepreneurs with vision - formed Beyond Email, a web design company with the goal of helping other businesses be found and conduct business online in a sea of ever-increasing web pages. In those days, placing a string of keywords here, a sprinkling of keywords there throughout a website and, Voila: Instant ranking on the first page of the most popular search engine for those keywords. Google had just been "born" so it was not yet the biggest and baddest search engine around.

For the first five years, weathering the dot-com bust, the Y2K scare and what seems like one never-ending recession, Beyond Email helped small businesses conduct business "beyond email" with a web presence. Often that presence was little more than an online business card or brochure but there were also a large number of ecommerce storefronts offering products and services online. Times changed rapidly. Internet and server security measures changed. The number of employees grew until it became absolutely necessary to expand space to accommodate the growing sales force, marketing department and design and development teams.

More importantly, the search engines changed and some of those wonderful websites that were being launched weren't getting into the coveted spots in the indexes as easily as before. What good is a website that no one can find without knowing the business name or domain name? Although search engine marketing had always been a key element of web design at Beyond Email, it had become as necessary as having a web site. Web site design and search engine marketing: One as equally important as the other. Pengelly had known this from the beginning but now was the time to put a lot more focus into search engine marketing.

Fast forward from inception to present day. A little over fifteen years have passed; twenty-some employees have been added along with three new management positions as well as the Technology department. Walls have been punched through and removed to make even more space and the company name has been changed to reflect the well-rounded services provided by this cutting edge company: BEM. Leading the convergence of design, marketing and technology since 1996.