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15 Ways To Use Social 
Media For Business

Social media is game changer, creating unprecedented opportunities for large and small companies alike. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have opened an incredible new avenue for businesses to engage and interact with current customers and attract new ones.  However, without an understanding of these fast-changing mediums or a solid strategy, organizations may miss opportunities or risk damage to their brands. Listed below are 15 ideas to help your company navigate the intricacies of social media and to help boost your bottom line.

Below are the first five ways to use Social Media for business today.

To receive the complete list of 15 ways, download the PDF below:



Yes, this might seem obvious and a bit simple, but if you are new to using social media for business, one of the best initial exercises to complete before diving into the deep end is to listen to what others are saying about your products; your business; your competitor’s business; and your customer’s wants/needs. It may be difficult to be patient, but for the one-month, just actively listen and take notes about what conversions are occurring; what drives customers to buy, etc... In the long run, this may save you thousands of dollars of ill-fated ideas while also providing a better focus on how you should approach your target audiences.

   Step Into Action

Create a foundational strategic social media action plan to bring clarity to what you want to accomplish. A written plan with quantifiable and measurable goals associated with month-by-month action steps helps keep you focused, organized and more goal-oriented reducing your sporadic, off-target tactics.

   Write A Social Media Engagement Policy

Define your company’s transparent appearance, content tone/voice, and posting frequency. Create "must have" company social media policy inclusions [confidential/proprietary information] that spell out how the company will engage, post, respond and mitigate all foreseeable issues.

   Create Custom Brand Pages

Your brand should be presented consistently across all forms of communication. From your website to your social media company pages, the visual look and language used should be consistent to increase brand recall in your customer and prospect’s mind. So, design and layout your social media pages with similar [if not identical] brand visuals and messaging.

   Resolve Internal Security Concerns

Often, a common barrier to engaging in social media is security. While top management may have concerns around security risks [internet viruses and leaking confidential information, the proper steps can be taken [firewalls, antivirus programs, limited employee access, etc…] to solve these issues. There are technologies available to resolve security concerns.

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Neil Myers
Director of Marketing, BEM

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Lisa Thompson
Joins BEM as Client
Services Associate

lisa-bioLisa Thompson joins BEM as Client Services Associate. Previously, Thompson served in account management, marketing and sales support roles, most recently with Allen Tate Realtors. She holds a B.A. degree in communication from North Carolina State University.

Lisa enjoys spending time outdoors and is married with one dog and a baby on the way.

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