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15 Ways to Increase
Website Conversions

Website conversion performance is critical. For every $80 spent online to acquire traffic, only a measly $1 is spent to proactively convert this traffic! According to a recent national survey, 97% of visitors leave without converting. When potential customers arrive at your website, you must convert them. Listed below are 15 ways to not only convert prospects into customers, but to vastly increase website conversion rates so you outperform your competition and keep customers coming back.

To receive the complete list of 15 ways, download the PDF below:


   Have A Superior Site Search And Selection Process

A core strength of any website is the ability to locate specific categories, products and topics with simple, yet powerful search and browse tools. Invest in technologies that make the shopping process easy and enjoyable. If you don't, it is likely one or more of your competitors will.

   Test PPC Campaigns And Track Conversions

Google Analytics can show you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads. If they purchased your product, signed up for your newsletter, or filled out a form to receive more information, you'll know it. Once you determine which key phases are driving conversions, then set a targeted cost-per-acquisition goal and manage bids to meet this goal. This will help you understand your cost-per-acquisition and determine which PPC campaigns are driving conversions.

   Conduct Onsite A/B Testing

Yes, still more testing, but it is necessary to optimize the conversion process. Using Google Website Optimizer for key landing pages, conduct A/B testing to evaluate conversions, initiate adjustments, and continue testing until optimal conversion rates are achieved. Testing would span both qualitative as well as quantitative to capture data and customer feedback.

   Build A Special Landing Page For Email And Social Media Promotions

Generally, it's not a good idea to drive existing customers to your homepage. They've already seen it and there are too many choices and too many ways for them to get distracted or lost. By creating a unique landing page and driving people to that page, you can control the message, track response, and collect information for follow-up and future direct marketing efforts.

   Validate Email Addresses

Either during the account set-up or at check out, verify that the shoppers email address is accurate. This can greatly reduce order errors, account shipping information or duplicating another customer's email address.

6   Include A Check Out Progress Indicator

Online shopping should be quick and simple or at least the shopper should know how far along they are in the check out process. Use steps or a progress bar to indicate what has been covered and what is yet to come during check out. This reduces cart abandonment as well.

7   Make Your Call To Action Clear

Yes, it sounds simple, but in the scheme of making all the decisions to build and deploy the perfect website, the call to action can sometimes get lost in the mix. The call to action is the most important element of your landing page. The reason a person clicks on your ad or email link has to be immediately matched on the landing page. When visitors arrive on your landing page, they should immediately feel the connection between the ad or link that got them there and where they've ended up.

8   Set Up Google Shopping Product Listing Ads

This exposes your products to thousands of potential customers on Google's shopping page. Simply structure your product database and prepare an output that is compliant with Google's shopping engine, and manage your product listing ads through Google AdWords. You'll drive potential customers searching for products and services similar to your offering to your website.

Neil Myers
Director of Strategic Marketing, BEM

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Fabulous Facebook
Pages - Tips & Tricks

I'm all about being unique, but if you need a quick jumpstart to coming up with good profile and cover images, here are some tips:

1.  Make your profile photo blend into your cover photo background through Polaroid photo effect, a 3D look, or thought bubble.

2.  You might even consider making your profile photo look like a cut-out piece from your main cover image.

3.  Make your profile and cover photos look in unison (except for the white border that is standard around your profile photo).  Be creative, there are all kinds of ways to achieve this.


New Director
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Please help us welcome Patrick to the BEM team.

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