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Online Catalog Builder

BEM Interactive Partners with zMags for Robust E-Catalog Solutions


BEM can provide you with an excellent tool for visitors to your web site to explore your product line in an entirely different way. Users can shop, browse, zoom, click through, view video, etc. all within the framework of this page turning module.

Here are just a few of the robust page turning features:

  • Customize style and look of e-catalog to your brand for consistency
  • High resolution zoom functionality to keep your catalog crisp and clear
  • Analytics include visitor tracking to analyze performance of your e-catalog
  • Click tracking maps show parts of your e-catalog viewed more frequently
  • SEO optimized content with OCR text recognition to draw visitors
  • Scheduled publishing allows your e-catalog to go live when needed
  • Embed links from your e-catalog directly to products in your online store
  • Include video or audio in pages to create the ultimate interactive e-catalog
  • Create interactive forms in your e-catalog for user feedback
  • Let your visitors create their wish list while browsing your e-catalog
  • Email a Friend feature encourages viral marketing activities
  • Visitors can optionally download a full PDF of your e-catalog
  • Easy-to-use print features allows visitors to print desired pages of e-catalog
  • Robust search feature helps buyers find what they need fast



BEM Interactive Partners with zMags for Robust E-Catalog Solutions


Create a PDF for printing or quickly create a stunning digital catalog with links to products details

Automate the process of exporting product information from your ecommerce web store into a catalog with this web to print solution; you can create a digital catalog or a print-ready .pdf.

Digital Catalogs:

  • Can be uploaded to your website allowing visitors to view your catalog online
  • Can be viewed from any device including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Can include links to product detail pages on your ecommerce website
  • Economical alternative to printed catalogs
  • Allows for seasonal or last minute changes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be easily shared

Print Ready PDF:

  • Simplifies the process of catalog creation by automatically pulling products from your ecommerce store
  • Use of a catalog template increases brand management
  • Consistency between ecommerce store and catalog product description and prices
  • Outputs in widely accepted, .PDF file print ready

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