E-commerce Websites for Small Businesses

Web Design: Shopping Cart, Online Stores & Storefront Standard Solution

E-commerce Web Site Design Standard provides a solid storefront foundation for your online store needs. It’s perfect if you are implementing an e-commerce store for the first time or looking for a better solution than the shopping cart you currently have.

All the standard features you would expect from an e-commerce solution are included along with training, customization and a "getting started" kind of price.

Store management & creation:

  • Easy to use store administration
  • Standard e-commerce store functionality for visitors to browse items, place them in their cart and checkout
  • Automatic shipping calculation based on order value, flat rate, number of items ordered, or automatic shipping calculation based on weight & destination via integration with UPS web site.
  • Automatic sales tax calculations
  • Payment processing via on-line credit card approval using online merchant account (merchant account setup fee not included)
  • Online sales reporting and order management
  • QuickBooks integration optional

Customer management:

  • Customer login to retain customer profiles for future promotions
  • Email order notification
  • Address book feature to allow for easier re-orders

Online Catalog management:

  • Easy to use catalog administration to add, delete and change product information
  • Unlimited store categories & subcategories
  • Full size image and thumbnail image for each product
  • Automatic initial import of items to initially populate store database
  • Ability to have up to thousands of items for sale in your online store
  • Support for price sensitive product options (sizes, colors & optional features)
  • Volume pricing models
  • Entry of first ten products and images into online store

Sales, discounts and promotion support:

  • Cross-selling to suggest additional related items to your buyers resulting in increased order value
  • E-Coupon support for entire store or specific category
  • Promotional email capability base on past buying pattern of customers
  • Email to a Friend function

Shopper features:

  • Store search function for visitors to find items based on key words
  • Bill to and alternate Ship to capability
  • Multiple ship to features (for gift purchases)
  • Special instruction support
  • Gift certificate support
  • Gift wrapping support
  • Shipment tracking

We use robust technical platforms and no proprietary solutions which makes our e-commerce solutions powerful, flexible and scaleable to grow with your online business.

Contact us for your personal demo. Need inventory tracking or have complex pricing models? See our E-commerce Premium Solution.