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Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a gem of an application. Funny thing is that it comes with most versions of Office, but few people use it or know it exists. I use it all the time and can't imagine my workday without it.

What is OneNote

OneNote is a part of Microsoft Office.  Think of OneNote as a digital notebook.  It's a place to store and organize all your thoughts and notes.  So instead of having zillions of pages of notes scattered all around, you have them in separate digital notebooks.  See if you have OneNote on your computer already.  There's a great tutorial embedded to get you started on the basics.

view-details-OneNoteHow to Organize your OneNote

OneNote uses the concept of Notebooks.  Within each Notebook you can define Sections.  Within each Section you have Pages. So you can have a "Client Notebook" and then Sections for each client.  You might have a notebook for "Staff" and Sections for each person that reports to you. You might want to have a "Project Notebook" with Sections for each project team you are on.   How about a "Personal Notebook" and Sections for Vacation, Kids, Pets, Home Maintenance, Trip Plans and Holiday Gift Ideas?

View Details on How to Organize OneNote

Other Cool OneNote Features

•    Keep meeting notes: Click on a meeting in Outlook and find the OneNote button in the ribbon.  Clicking on this creates a new page in OneNote with the meeting subject, attendees, date, time and leaves room for you to make notes.

•    Track follow up tasks:  Click the Outlook Task button on the ribbon in OneNote to automatically create a task in Outlook for you to follow up from a meeting note.

•    Send an email to OneNote:  Receive an email with details about a project you're working on?  Open the email and send it to OneNote.  File it in your Project Notebook.

•    Capture Screen Clippings:  Use the Windows SnipIt tool or your favorite screen grab tool to take a clip of what's on your screen and then go to OneNote and paste into a page.  Really helpful for researching.

•    Share via Email: Share a page of your NoteBook by selecting "Email Page" from any page in OneNote.

•    Share an entire Notebook: Very useful for team collaboration.  You can select to share a single Notebook by using Windows SkyDrive Cloud services or your DropBox Cloud account.

•    Sync on your iPad or Android tablet:   Using the OneNote app, it's easy to access your notes anywhere on iPad and Android tablets and keep them in sync.  OneNote syncs seamlessly.  (I only wish the mobile app allowed handwriting in OneNote, but rumor has it the folks in Redmond are working on it.)

Malinda Pengelly
President, BEM

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