Google Analytics Link Tagging & URL Builder Tool

Easily tag multiple links to track PPC, banner ads, and other marketing campaigns

Google Analytics will automatically track data from many sources – for example, most major search engine visits, direct traffic, and Google-based visitors are identified and labeled automatically. However, without making use of Google’s link tagging mechanism, things like banner ads, non-AdWords PPC traffic, & other paid links will be identified within reports as "referral" or "organic" traffic. More Tips on How to Use Link Tagging

GoogleTM Analytics Link Tagging Tool

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To track and analyze these visits correctly, it’s best practice to tag all inbound links pointing to your site using the following variables.

In this example, we’re tagging a keyword in a web design-oriented PPC campaign running in Yahoo!

Link Tag
Source (required) utm_source=yahoo Indentifies the website, search engine, or other point of origin
Medium (required) utm_medium=cpc The medium or context of the link
Name (required) utm_campaign=web design The specific campaign
Term (optional) utm_term=ecommerce web design Usually indentifies the specific PPC keyword
Content (optional) utm_content=textad1 Differentiates between ads, placement, or other characteristics

If we were directing traffic to, the complete link for this specific keyword would be: web design&utm_content=textad1&utm_campaign=web design

That’s a long link! Only use what’s necessary – source, medium and campaign are required, but content and term are not.

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