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Financial Marketing and Website Design

Digital Marketing and Design Services for Banking and Wealth Management Industry

The financial industry currently faces a tough climate between the state of the economy and compliance regulations. And on top of that, today’s financial institutions are met with new and complex marketing challenges created by emerging technology and the social media landscape.

BEM helps financial clients by keeping up to date on financial trends as well as compliance standards for old and new marketing mediums including traditional advertising, social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click advertising), email marketing and mobile marketing. That means we can quickly respond with on-target, fresh creative designs and strategic recommendations that are grounded in research and experience. Our results-driven, integrated marketing approach has proven to be more successful than other ad hoc trial and error tactics.

With financial websites and other digital mediums, it is critical that the design is engaging, intuitive and very visual. BEM goes to great lengths with user experience recommendations and creative, interactive, web designs that appeal to consumer’s sensibility. That makes for a powerful and successful banking website. Today’s complex financial sites require numerous mandatory elements, calculators, and useful tools in order to properly serve the financial client. Our creative team understands that, so we design banking and wealth management websites that serve both the visually aesthetic desires along with the functional needs of your clients.

As mobile becomes a more prominent channel, banking institutions must be able to provide seamless and highly functional smartphone and tablet platforms to meet their client’s needs. With nearly 60% of consumers conducting some form of banking using a mobile device, we build in a mobile platform for our banking and financial clients so they’re customers can access accounts almost anywhere and anytime.

By starting with this foundational banking knowledge and developing creative designs compounded by a strategic marketing plan, BEM will help you realize greater dividends and stronger return-on-investments. BEM offers you the convenience to work with one resource for financial marketing strategies, creative design and development, and monitoring and measuring performance so your campaigns are holistically integrated for optimal results. Contact us today to set up a free financial marketing and design consultation.

Success areas include:

  • Community Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Wealth Management
  • Commercial Banking
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