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Higher Education Marketing and Website Design

Strategic Marketing and Design Services for Universities, Colleges, and Technical Institutions

The higher education market is experiencing significant demographic and financial gaps, which are greatly affecting the impact of recruiting and enrollment efforts. The number of high school graduates is shrinking, while the proportion of those who are diverse in age and ethnicity is growing. Also, many families are experiencing a diminished ability to pay for a college education, while tuition costs continue to climb. Meanwhile, the marketing universe has changed dramatically with the growth of mobile online access and social media use.

It is imperative that higher education institutions change their approach to one where one-to-one conversations with personalized and a more meaningful message prevails. BEM keeps up with the latest education trends and has extensive experience defining a variety of target audiences from early college high school students to graduates seeking additional degreed programs.

To successfully connect with students, higher education design and marketing must be inspiring. Future and current students aspire to achieve, so your creative must be visually stimulating to the mind and soul. It is very important in the learning environment.

So BEM takes a strategic, fact-based marketing approach and creatively designs web-based and traditional marketing initiatives that illustrate the school’s core values, mission and benefits. BEM utilizes a wide variety of traditional and digital marketing tactics from brand positioning, logo development and print collateral to web design, search engine marketing, email marketing and social media marketing.

It is this approach that has led to our client’s success in enrolling more students and fostering greater faculty and staff collaboration. Our Higher Ed experience offers you the convenience to work with one point-of-contact for marketing strategies, creative design and development, and monitoring and measuring performance so your campaigns are holistically integrated for optimal results. Contact us today to set up a free higher education marketing and design consultation.

Success areas include:

  • Public and Private Four-Year Institutions
  • Community Colleges
  • Graduate Schools
  • Technical Training Institutes
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