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At BEM, we know that every business is unique – and interactive marketing techniques are no different. While the sheer number and types of tactics to reach potential customers have never been greater, identifying and deploying the best approach the right way is the key to long-term success.

An industry leader in developing and implementing innovative and successful marketing strategies, our BEM team delivers results because of our strategic, creative and personalized approach to your business. While we are just as savvy about emerging technologies and trends as we are with more traditional approaches, we don’t chase the latest fads. Instead, we singularly focus on achieving your business objectives.

In some cases, we know that relying solely on industry-standard metrics and reports doesn't always fit every client's needs. That’s why we offer customized, strategic marketing plans to attract highly qualified potential customers and generate meaningful website traffic.

Our marketing techniques are ideal for organizations of all sizes. Since 1996, BEM has designed and implemented marketing and technology solutions for single proprietors to multi-national corporations. So if you're considering expanding your firm's reach and brand effectiveness, or are simply interested in an overview of web and interactive marketing techniques, we invite you to browse BEM's "What's Right For Me?" page or contact us for a custom proposal for your consideration.

Search Marketing

Search Marketing

BEM’s SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) search engine marketing services will raise your brand’s visibility among top search engines and increase traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Keep your brand in the forefront of your audience’s mind with one of the most cost effective marketing tactics. With BEM’s highly targeted and behavioral email marketing services, your audience will continue to be engaged and you’ll see a positive ROI.

Exact Target Constant Contact Silverpop
Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Social networking has become a relationship building tool for businesses of all sizes. BEM’s social marketing services allow you to monitor the conversation about your brand, build relationships with customers and attract new ones.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

As mobile penetration increases and the lines between computer and mobile device blur and continue to converge, the need for a strategic, comprehensive mobile marketing effort is fast becoming an indispensible part of any business plan.

content marketing agency

Content Marketing

Reach your target audience in a non-intrusive way with relevant and valuable content. From planning and creation to distribution and tracking, BEM’s content marketing services will help you attract, acquire and engage your audience.

marketing automation services

Marketing Automation Services

Save time and boost your ROI with marketing automation. BEM's comprehensive marketing automation services result in automated campaigns that generate leads and revenue behind the scenes.

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