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Mobile Users and What They Mean
to Your Digital Strategy

People using mobile devices to surf the web continue to climb at a rapid pace.  In 2011, mobile users accounted for about 7% percent of all web traffic with an increase of over 170% in Holiday shopping this past season happening on these loyal companions. 

Mobile Devices on the Web?

Mobile devices, including Smart Phones and tablets now account for over 7% of all web traffic according to a recent analysis by
Android based smartphones lead the pack in cell phone platform usage while Apple holds the prize in Tablets with iPad representing over 95% of tablet usage.

Overall U.S. Retail ecommerce was up 17% in 2011.  Research by Reuters
estimates that m-commerce, orders placed from mobile devices, grew by over 172%.

How is your website being viewed?

So how does your website stack up to the metrics?  Are your mobile visitors increasing? It's easy enough to find out.  If you're running
Google Analytics
on your site, you'll want to look at the Visitors section.  Traffic from mobile visitors can be viewed by navigating to the  'Visitors' section in the 'Mobile' tab of your Analytics account, or in the 'Mobile advanced' section.

What's this mean to your business?

According to ComScore's research, "Digital Omnivores," users who consume web content across a variety of platforms throughout the day, are becoming mainstream.  Business must ensure their content is readily accessible in user friendly formats across an ever increasing variety of platforms for a successful digital footprint.

The continual increase of mobile visitors dictates that you must look at your mobile strategy with evermore importance. 
Mobile marketing
deserves a place at the "strategy table" equal to that of your other interactive strategies in play.

Quick 10 Point Self-Checkup

Download our Quick 10 Point Self Checkup on your Mobile Strategy:


Need help refining your strategy? 
Contact your account manager 
for more detail.

Malinda Pengelly
President, BEM

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