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Game-Changing Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

The marketing landscape continues to shift as always-connected consumers' expect immediate and personalized responses. These new demands completely change the game and require marketers to follow a new set of rules. Marketers who adapt quickly will benefit from greater customer satisfaction and higher returns. Which of these digital marketing trends will you incorporate into your business's New Year's resolutions?

  • Marketing As A Service. Customers are increasingly craving genuine, customer-focused content. Instead of trying to be amazing, focus on being useful as Jay Baer recommends in his book Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype. This is a breath of fresh air as being useful is easier to do and has a longer positive effect. This customer centric approach results in improved customer comfort, preference and loyalty and also a better aligned marketing investment as marketing dollars will not be spent on low potential customers. That's a win-win.
  • Mobile Is A Must. Due to the widespread and quickly growing use of smartphones and tablets, it's necessary for companies to create content that's accessible to mobile users. From mobile apps to responsive web design, the mobile experience must be intentionally planned for and in many cases, even prioritized first.
  • SEO And Social Become More Intertwined. The more people that are sharing a piece of content, the higher quality it's likely to be, and therefore its position should increase within the search engine results pages. While we don't know exactly to what extent social signals affect search algorithms, it's no coincidence that the top-ranking search results tend to have lots of social shares, while those ranked lower have fewer. Besides this, social shares can serve as a stamp of approval (ie, a trust signal) for visitors landing on a page. If they see that a search result has hundreds or thousands of shares, it's likely that there's something of value.
  • The Personalized Web. Recognizing returning visitors to a web site and tailoring content based on all the information collected from previous visits is the next level of website design. Present dynamic, personalized content, product recommendations and smart forms requesting information not previously collected, to returning customers by organizing information and prioritizing it based on the individual's preferences.
  • Marketing Automation. Smart marketers are using technology to automatically generate, nurture, score and qualify leads, and drive sales with customized, multi-touch communications tailored for each contact's profile, level of interest, behavior or stage in the buying cycle. Turning repetitive tasks into strategic campaigns running behind the scenes is not only more productive, but increases revenue and profitability.

To find out more about how these trends will impact your business and what you can do to leverage them to your advantage, contact us today. 


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January 24, 2013

Strategic From The Start:
Why it's important to start with your end goals and lead with strategy instead of tactics.

You'll learn how to:

  • Set Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-sensitive marketing goals
  • Identify your 'Ideal Customer' and why it's important
  • Develop go-to-market strategies BEFORE you identify your tactics
  • Create a Return-On-Investment marketing and sales dashboard
To register, please visit or call 336.421.2169.

Seminar materials and a light breakfast are included. The event will be held at the BEM Education Center at 416 Gallimore Dairy Road Greensboro, NC.


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