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15 Search Marketing Best
Practices That Deliver Results

Search Engine Marketing [SEM] is the umbrella term for organic Search Engine Optimization [SEO] and funded Pay-Per-Click [PPC] marketing. SEM is the strategy of creating or modifying the look and content of a website in order to achieve higher rankings in Internet search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The primary goal for any aggressive SEM campaign is to improve the volume and quality of traffic to a website that ultimately converts into leads and/or sales.

Listed below are 15 search marketing best practices that will help you attract the right online audience that will deliver better website conversion results.

To receive the complete list of 15 ways, download the PDF below:


   Select Keywords/Phrases

Keyword research should be your first step. Start by doing as much keyword research as you can to pick the right keywords or in most cases, keyword phrases, that center around your product or service lines. If your company sells 'shoes,' then your keywords or phrases might be, "running shoes" or "steel-toed shoes."

   Get Inside Your Customer's Head

The keywords/phrases should be based on what you think your prospect or customer will type in the search bar. A common mistake is crafting search terms that might fit the business, but are not typical search phrases used by your target audience.

   Group Your Keywords

Segmenting your SEO keywords into groups or themes will improve the quality and relevance of your website copy. The search engines like to see relatable, relevant content around specific themed keyword groups. As a result, your website pages with this associated content will move up in the rankings. In PPC, group similar keywords into ad groups so ads are relevant to the theme.

   Focus On Non-Branded Traffic

Search marketing is often synonymous with generating awareness online especially to target audiences that may not know you exist. When they search without using a brand name, these searches are referenced as 'non-branded' traffic and they are very important to building your brand online. Most of your keywords/phrases should focus on non-branded searches in order to gain awareness and grow the brand.

   Enable Analytics

Ensure that Google Analytics is installed and configured. Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that enables business owners, marketing professionals, and website managers to gain invaluable insight into the performance of their website. Resolve any issues with domain configuration, redirects, site architecture, and navigation errors.

Neil Myers
Director of Strategic Marketing, BEM

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Daily Deals:
What's the Real
Marketing Benefit?

Daily Deals. Many of us receive the offers via email, online, social media, in the newspaper or on TV. The barrage of discounts on everything from window washing to massage can border on mind numbing even, annoying. As an aside: to manage this barrage of daily deals you might consider subscribing to a daily deal email aggregator like Yipit.


binkley-bioBEM Welcomes
New Marketing

Kathryn Binkley joins BEM as Marketing Strategist. She brings over 6 years of ad agency experience and an insatiable passion for helping clients achieve their business goals through strategic marketing. In this role, Kathryn will develop results-driven marketing objectives and strategic initiatives.

Outside of work, Kathryn and her husband stay busy with their two young children. But, in any spare time you may find her nose-deep in a good book or exploring the latest social network.

Please help us welcome Kathryn and let us know if you'd like to learn more about our strategic marketing services.

Thurs., August 16
Search Marketing:
Making SEO & Google
Adwords Work for
Your Business


Thurs., September 20
Mobile Apps:
Trends & Strategies
Your Business Needs
to Consider


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