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15 Ways to Boost ROI

For so many years, marketers only had a few arrows such as direct mail, radio, television, printed materials and outdoor, in their quiver to shoot at their marketing targets. Today, there are enough arrows to fill the kingdom. While some marketers have abandoned traditional for online, studies show that the best results are obtained by utilizing traditional with online. Listed below are 15 ways to integrate traditional marketing with today’s online vehicles to improve your marketing results and deliver enhanced conversions.

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   Compare Personalized And Non-Personalized Messaging

When sending an outbound email , personalize half of your customers with their first name in the email salutation. Measure and identify the impact of personalization versus nonpersonalization. Measurable positive results will demonstrate the value of connecting on a more personable level and help maintain momentum for future touchpoints.

   Use QR Codes On Marketing Materials

Just about every company has some form of printed marketing materials and/or packaging. Once scanned by a smartphone, the QR code can take your target audience to a specific ecommerce landing page. With embedded tracking codes, you can measure how much business was realized by using QR codes.

   Abandonment Follow-Up

Have an online shopping cart? Then you probably know how common it is for customers to leave items in it without completing their purchases. Abandoned-cart-triggered email programs can be a goldmine for retailers and any e-commerce-enabled business with an online shopping cart. They’ve been shown to recoup up to 15% of otherwise lost sales.

   Create Multi-Touchpoint Campaigns

Too many marketers think about email campaigns as single blasts rather than a progression of offers and information interwoven into a conversation designed to maximize customer lifetime value. If you’re thinking in terms of "one and done" campaigns, it’s time to develop an up-sell/cross-sell multi-touch triggered program.

   Personalize Recommendations

A recent Marketing Sherpa case study of health and wellness retail company Isabella found that 19% of those who clicked a recommendation completed another purchase; it also found that recommendations in transaction emails generated a 111% higher conversion rate than weekly alert emails. Imbed recommendations in emails and watch your conversations improve your ROI.

Learn more about balancing strategic marketing and boosting your ROI.

Neil Myers
Director of Strategic Marketing, BEM

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