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Master Content Marketing Once Your Publisher-Brain Has S.U.R.F.A.C.E.D.

As marketers we all must wear multiple hats on a daily basis, whether it's thinking creatively, strategically, or analytically, you better be prepared to change your head-wear from time to time. As we put more emphasis on content marketing, one of the increasingly important hats to wear these days is the publisher-hat.

Here are a few tips that will take you down the road of content marketing mastery. But first, here's an awesome acronym/mnemonic device to help you remember this -  S.U.R.F.A.C.E.D.

S: Socialize! The power of social media has grown in recent years and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon. Find out where your audience hangs out and distribute your content through these channels. You can also connect with industry experts through social, more about that later.

U: Understand and Listen to Your Audience! Just as book publishers do, know who's going to be consuming your content. Book publishers don't hire a children's book writer to put out a self-help book (or maybe they do?!), but the point is, create content that your audience wants. You can learn a lot about your audience by listening to them on social if you're already an established brand.

R: Recruit Help! Don't try to generate all of your content on your own, you've probably got easy access to experts on any range of relevant topics to your business. Check with colleagues & peers to see if they'd be interested in writing a piece on a topic in their given field. You can also enlist the help of influencers or industry gurus via social. Connect with them, build some rapport with them first, and then see if they'd be willing to contribute their expertise.


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Christian Adams Joins BEM's Client Services Team
Christian Adams joins BEM's Client Services team as Account Executive. He brings 7+ years of marketing consultation experience and describes himself as the epitome of the "duck on the water" analogy - gliding across the water, it looks effortless, just below the surface, however, the feet are paddling like crazy.

Outside of work, Christian and his wife stay busy as parents to their beautiful little girl. He has vast knowledge of sports history, loves long walks on the beach and making new friends.

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