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15 Ways to Balance
Traditional Marketing
with Digital

For so many years, marketers only had a few arrows such as direct mail, radio, television, printed materials and outdoor, in their quiver to shoot at their marketing targets. Today, there are enough arrows to fill the kingdom. While some marketers have abandoned traditional for online, studies show that the best results are obtained by utilizing traditional with online. Listed below are 15 ways to integrate traditional marketing with today's online vehicles to improve your marketing results and deliver enhanced conversions.

To receive the complete list of 15 ways, download the PDF below:


   Get Your Prospects Online With Direct Mail

Use your existing prospect list or purchase an audited mailing list and 'introduce' your company to prospects who may not be aware of your products and services. From the mailer, provide an incentive to go online to a unique landing page that speaks directly about their needs and how your company can solve their problems. Encourage the visitor to opt-in to further incentivized emails that will reduce your future direct mail costs.

   Use QR Codes On Marketing Materials

Just about every company has some form of printed marketing materials and/or packaging. Make those costly items work harder for you with a QR code that encourages the prospect/customer to scan and land on a mobile page that quickly signs them up for your monthly newsletter that provides invaluable information for them.

   Take Traditional Public Relations Online

From simple press releases to press kits, all of these once laborious and expensive activities can now be developed, distributed, managed and evaluated online. Use online newswires and web-based PR platforms to specifically target journalists who write and cover your particular niche or sector. This saves time and money while increasing your marketing ROI.

   Pick The Low-Hanging Fruit

Small to medium sized businesses need to first focus on just one or two new online programs at a time. Determine which social media channel(s) most of your customers or prospects are using and find either internal or external talent to manage them. Once the resources are in place to implement the initiatives, begin to develop a basic online engagement plan.

   Utilize Employees Already Embracing Digital

Often there is a staff member that is already familiar with social outlets like Twitter or Facebook because of their personal experience. Sit down with them and get a clear understanding of their skill set with social media. Then, determine the gap areas and look for help from external sources. For example, a customer service representative, familiar with product information or trouble shooting, could lead the effort for the company's Twitter presence.

Learn more about balancing traditional marketing with digital.

Neil Myers
Director of Strategic Marketing, BEM

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