Multimedia & Video Services

Web-based multimedia development, including Flash & JQuery animation design

360 Virtual Tours

360∞ Virtual Tour photography

Set your site apart from the crowd...

Make the most of a visitor’s interactive experience. Add interactive iPIX images to your company’s website and take advantage of the opportunity to "show and sell.”

iPIX images allow site visitors to take a 360° tour of homes, visit manufacturing plants, explore hospitality centers, and see 3-D versions of products.

Integrating iPIX images into your website provides your site with a unique element of distinction. By creating a "wow-factor" with technologically advanced imagery, you can be more thorough in marketing your firm's offerings and allow prospects and customers to see, feel, and explore your products!

How do you make these 360° degree pictures?

iPIX® images are created by taking two digital pictures, or hemispheres, with a fish-eye lens. Images are then computer-edited for color-correction and blemishes. Corrected images are then stitched together and integrated onto your website. BEM Interactive prides itself in creating quality iPIX® images. Correct color balance, no seams in the image, and visually appealing images are just the start of a photographic venture. We take great care to partner our clients to produce iPIX® images that create intrigue, and compel customers to learn more.

Benefits of 360° Virtual Tour photography:

  • Increased web site traffic
  • Longer web site visits
  • End-user interaction
  • Complete floor-to-ceiling view
  • Available in QuickTime, Flash and/or Java
  • Seamless integration with your web site


3D Modeling

3D Modeling, Animation & Design through BEM Interactive

3D Modeling, Animation & Design through BEM Interactive

3D designs, animations and models are a great way to bring your ideas to life. Our skilled team of 3D designers and computer animators have years of experience with multiple applications of computer graphics design. Whether you're pitching a design to a client or taking an idea from the drawing board to 3D, BEM Interactive can make your dream a reality!

3D Architectural Modeling, Interior Design Animations, Patent Application Work, 3D Industrial Design, Physics Modeling, and More

  • Cut expenses - design prototypes in 3D before building physical examples
  • Walk potential clients through scale models of rooms, houses, and buildings
  • Bring interior design ideas to life - provide your customers with tangible and exciting 3D renderings
  • Great for patent applications - safeguard inventions and designs with detailed 3D animations
  • Create true-to-life visuals of the smallest working parts of complex machinery and tools
  • Simulate complicated industrial machinery and designs with state-of-the-art graphics and physics engines
  • Web applications - provide your users with interactive 3D samples and graphics to illustrate product options and specifications

We've worked with over 350 clients, both small and large, across a huge variety of industries and customer segments. With 3D Animation & Computer Graphic Design from BEM Interactive, the only limit is your imagination! Contact Us today and see how our 3D Modeling Services can work for your business.


Audio and Video

Audio and Video Files to Engage Viewers On An Interactive Journey of Your Site!

Audio and Video Files to Engage Viewers On An Interactive Journey of Your Site!

Enhance your viewers’ online experience. Let prospective customers and clients hear and see you! By finding the right interactive techniques for your site, lead customers and prospects through a dynamic journey that compels users to request more information, price quotes, or purchase products.

By adding streaming audio and video files to your site, we find the right interactive tools to make your website more marketable and enhance your company site’s overall business.

Connecting your customers to high-quality audio and video can enhance their online searching experience.

Why Use Interactive Audio and Video Files?

Now, live audio and video make it possible to be present at the next lecture or event. With 24 hour access to lectures, demos, and sales presentations, never miss an opportunity to impress another prospect.

Whether it is a recent TV commercial or a sample of the CEO speaking at a conference, BEM Interactive can help you find an interactive way to convey your message through streaming media.

BEM Interactive can convert digital and analog formats, making them audio and video compatible for the web...You can even keep track of live or recorded events with broadcasts that reach audiences world-wide.

Broadcast Live:

  • Academic events, e.g. lectures, forums, and discussions
  • Sales presentations
  • Business meetings and conferences
  • Seminars
  • Special events
  • Informational Sessions
  • Employee Training

In today’s digital age, convenience is greatly valued. With an online surplus of information, viewers prefer a more interactive approach to web technology.

And, with streaming audio and video files to relay your company’s message, enticing prospects with an interactive, multimedia approach is becoming more engaging. Audio and video files allow your prospects to both hear and see you, so when viewing your site, your visitors can have an interactive experience.

Broadcast to a world-wide audience…Interactive audio and video files allow you world-wide access to events you and your prospects don’t want to miss!