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Google Analytics in Real Life

Approaching Fall means time for a website review.  A comprehensive look under the hood should always start with a deep dive into your site Analytics.    

(Don’t have your website hooked up to GA?  Contact us and we’ll be glad to help.)

Google Analytics is such a comprehensive tool.  If you are not looking at your analytics every day it can be difficult to know what key pieces of data to focus on.  Below are a few problem areas our Digital Marketing Teams often see and some recommended action items to quickly improve results.  Be sure to jump on over to our blog to see an extended list and videos of " Google Analytics in Real Life" to help drive home the point of Site Usability.

  • High bounce rate on select pages?  Review content and calls to action on those pages.  Verify AdWords campaigns are in alignment with landing page content.
  • Visitors from mobile devices increasing? Plan for a site redesign using Responsive Technology.
  • Sources of traffic skewed too heavily to one source?  Review your digital strategy and balance marketing initiatives to bring in traffic from referrals and search engines.
  • Visit our Blog for more great areas to explore!

Malinda Pengelly
President, BEM

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This month we're excited to introduce our "First 4 Free" program. inSite will feature an opportunity to 4 subscribers each month to enjoy some BEM expertise "on the house." This month we'll provide a 100 point Website Usability Assessment.

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ExactTarget Certification

Four BEMers have passed ExactTarget's Certification. Jay McLain, Kristin Rairden, Kathryn Binkley, and Debbie Kennedy have received individual certification that included product expertise to execute marketing campaigns in ExactTarget's Interactive Marketing Hub. Please join us in congratulating them. To learn more about ExactTarget and how it can boost your ROI, visit our website.


Greensboro-based KindCards, which offers eCards for a full range of occasions along with a charitable gift of the recipient's choosing, has just launched their new website. BEM designed and launched the company's inaugural ecommerce site.

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