Providing Hassle Free IT

Managed IT Services & Support

Managed IT Services & Support

Managed IT Services will decrease downtime of your IT infrastructure, streamline your IT budget and provide “Hassle Free IT”.

What exactly are Managed IT Services?

Our systems engineers and IT technicians monitor your IT infrastructure remotely from our NOC (Network Operations Center) located in Greensboro, NC. Issues that occur are resolved before they disrupt your business and often before you even know an issue exists.

What do you monitor?

Most of our engagements involve monitoring network components and software including: Servers, firewalls, routers, laptops, desktops, mission critical printers, backup processes, operating system updates and virus protection agents. However, we also monitor a wide variety of other equipment.

How does Managed IT Services decrease downtime in my business?

The vast majority of issues that cause IT downtime in your business can be prevented by a well managed network. In fact over 80% of issues are visible and resolved before our managed services clients even know they had a problem looming.

How does Managed IT Services streamline IT budgets?

Managed IT Services are provided at flat rate billing, meaning you pay the same amount each month which includes unlimited remote system support.

Proactive management of IT systems will identify issues before they occur. By identifying small issues before they become big problems, most can be resolved from our remote NOC center proactively and easily. Issues we can resolve remotely are included in our managed services and no additional fees are incurred.

Over 80% of issues can be resolved from our NOC center. Should an on-site service call be needed, our Managed IT Services clients are billed at reduced rate for on-site calls.

All this helps you to have a predictable budget for managing your infrastructure.